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Your Life Changing 

Physical Transformation Series

Burn Body Fat & Tone on Your Time!

Simplified & Ready At Your Convenience.

Your Training Options

My unique blend of cross-training utilizes easy-to-store equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, etc., and includes boxing aerobics along with other total body circuits. You will have a regiment that eliminates boredom and can be completed in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere on the go! Ultimately, you will achieve top-notch results.


So, no matter how ripe or how seasoned you may be in your fitness journey, we have a program to Uncover YOU.


Train with me anywhere , anytime, with any method of choice. Follow-along exercise videos, live virtual one on one sessions , or a combination of both. Also when you feel like you need that extra push, the ABMB community support group is here for you!


Despite the attendees age, fitness level, & comfort with being in a group setting, ABMB (ABaileyMind&Body) can assure an unmatched balance of personal attention in a small group, larger scale of people in an auditorium, or anything in between.


My approach is one that allows beginners and more advanced fitness levels to participate together with modified exercise variations which accommodate all company employees via unique packages that blend online Total Body HIIT Series bundles, group sessions, and discounted custom written meal plans for each employee.

Real Exercises. Real Food. Real Change.

ABMB stands firm in a natural holistic approach.

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Welcome to the Uncover YOU family!

Combat What's Holding You Back

We all have our struggles. We all also have our victories on how we overcame them.

You're not alone in this health journey. Together, we got this!