Your employees will feel valued & your company will be well represented with one of kind diversity found in ABMB's corporate wellness packages. Varying upon which package is selected employees will have access to the online Total Body HIIT Series, pop-up group sessions conducted by me, a written meal plan designed by ABMB's dietitian or a combination of all three.

Total Body HIIT Series Package

Same online follow-along Total Body HIIT Series with an exclusively discounted price range for those who make your company possible.

Written Meal Plan & Pop Up Group Session Package

Meal plan is also available by itself for your employees but you can save more collectively if your company is local enough for me to travel and conduct a series of group exercise sessions as well.

ABMB Big 3 Package

Total Body HIIT Series, Meal Plan & Pop Up Group Sessions! Everything listed on the left merged into one special discounted package!

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