One of a kind cross-training experience that includes:



We know we need to exercise.

Allow me to help you WANT to exercise.

All group sessions are currently done live-online via Zoom (accommodating all COVID-19 restrictions & also allowing easier access to my programs remotely!) 


We all want results right? What if I told you my exercises could produce immediate results, I mean not only within days, but minutes! Participants can notice an increase in focus, enhanced mood, new level of body awareness, method for managing stress and an overall better outlook on life. The emphasis on the program is to focus on those IMMEDIATE effects day by day to get to those long term goals. Remember commitment to your health is a lifestyle, not a come and go trend. Discover that YOU have what it takes.

Monday 'Beginners Only' Workout 


Join Me in this 30 min follow-along exercise program is easier on your joints, safe and fun. It's geared to help you lose weight, tone your abs & body up! (No equipment needed). It also includes a cool down stretching regimen that's designed for you to do indoors during these trying times. Get in tune as I'll be going live every Monday 11:00 am-11:30 am ET. You follow along at home (unseen) while I conduct the workout live in action.

Wednesday 'Throw Them Hands' Boxing Workout 


"The Only Time We Fight is When We Fight Together"


 While COVID-19 restrictions have us appreciating the small things life has to offer, we all have built up tension & possibly even frustration, right? Well this is the time to let it all out (at your benefit) with a fun, safe & effective workout for all fitness levels which is geared to help you tone your entire body up & improve coordination! You follow along online (unseen) while I guide you live in action every Wednesday 6 pm-6:30 pm ET. 

Friday 'Body Sculpt' Workout 


This one is for my exercisers that know they can jump & move vigorously. While we're home, now's a great time to alleviate some tension/anxiety we all have, by participating with me inspiring you to become the best version of yourself with this 30 min follow- along exercise program that includes aerobic, calisthenics and fun. It's geared to help you lose weight, tone your abs & body up! (No equipment needed). It also includes a cool down stretching regimen. Follow along with me live every Friday 1:30 pm-2:30 pm ET.

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Adrian G.
Motivational Monday Workout
Friendship Circle Senior Center

"Excellent class. Informative and simple, ‘motivational’"

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