'Weekly Word' December 22nd- December 28th

Thank you for being a supporter of abmbworkouts.com. Sometimes we get so caught up in asking...

The Weekly Word includes 3 elements.

1. My ‘Why’ behind the Verse chosen 

2. How it relates to me personally throughout life in general and an exercising stand point. 

3. An option for YOU to reflect in the same way I do whether you want to speak on both life and exercise or life by itself. The choice is always yours!

The ‘Why’ behind this weeks Verse:

Sometimes we get so caught up in asking, that we overlook what he has already shown us and that's His grace for always getting us through. We are still here, despite the obstacles that we have been given the strength to overcome.

How It Relates to My Life:

With all the above stated lets just reflect on our lives together & say "Thank You Jesus For Never Leaving Me"...Amen.

How It Relates to My Workouts:

God is the center of it all. Thank You for allowing me to have the opportunity to see another day. No exercise of any sort would be possible if it wasn't for you guiding each step of my life. I also want to thank God for connecting us all together using exercise as the vessel connecting us all through faith in His word right here on abmbworkouts.com

Thanks for reading & I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts / reflection on how this Verse directly impacts you currently or impacted you in the past. So, be sure to reply below !

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