'Weekly Word' February 2nd- February 8th

Thank you for being a supporter of abmbworkouts.com... "Until you have to pick up that cross that you can't carry and He picks it up for you & carries you & the cross...then you know"

The Weekly Word includes 3 elements.

1. My ‘Why’ behind the Verse chosen 

2. How it relates to me personally throughout life in general and an exercising stand point. 

3. An option for YOU to reflect in the same way I do whether you want to speak on both life and exercise or life by itself. The choice is always yours!

The ‘Why’ behind this weeks Verse:

I'll let the late, great Kobe Bryant reflect on this week's verse for us.


How It Relates to My Life:

What He said above paints the picture as concise as it gets. I wanted to create one more tribute to Kobe on here. Christ has us. Prayers out to His family along with the other individuals who are no longer here with us from that day on.

How It Relates to My Workouts:

Jesus is my strength for everything I do in and out of the gym. at times I catch myself calling His Holy name when I exercise.

Thanks for reading & I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts / reflection on how this Verse directly impacts you currently or impacted you in the past. So, be sure to reply below !

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