'Weekly Word' January 26th- February 1st

Thank you for being a supporter of abmbworkouts.com...Kobe passing along side his daughter was heavy on my heart last night so please forgive me for posting a day later.

The Weekly Word includes 3 elements.

1. My ‘Why’ behind the Verse chosen 

2. How it relates to me personally throughout life in general and an exercising stand point. 

3. An option for YOU to reflect in the same way I do whether you want to speak on both life and exercise or life by itself. The choice is always yours!

The ‘Why’ behind this weeks Verse:

The Grammy's had a tremendous feat honoring Kobe Bryant so I wanted to make this post music related as well. Our Lord & Savior Jesus sang with the disciples so that just goes to show how therapeutic it can be, even when you're taken serious as something else. Even Kobe had his share on "song" before, check one of his throwback verses out below!

How It Relates to My Life:

#RipKobe & GiGi , It was too much to put into text so I wanted to speak on Kobe & how he was a vessel from God to indirectly mentor me on such a personal level.

How It Relates to My Workouts:

I often say "Mamba Mentality" when putting in work to push through my toughest exercise sets.

Thanks for reading & I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts / reflection on how this Verse directly impacts you currently or impacted you in the past. So, be sure to reply below !

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