'Weekly Word' March 1st- March 7th

Thank you for being a supporter of abmbworkouts.com. This one is dedicated to my elders.

The Weekly Word includes 3 elements.

1. My ‘Why’ behind the Verse chosen 

2. How it relates to me personally throughout life in general and an exercising stand point. 

3. An option for YOU to reflect in the same way I do whether you want to speak on both life and exercise or life by itself. The choice is always yours!

The ‘Why’ behind this weeks Verse:

You all have been a tremendous support system. Some are in my age group but for this particular post I want to share a clip put together from one of my most recent speaking engagements where I wanted to do something special for the elders that came before me. I wouldn't be the man I am today if God didn't place certain individuals to drop gems on me after they lived much more life than I did. I truly feel indebted. With that being said I have a reflection below that's less than 5 minutes long but it can move you to think different for the hours & days we have left on this Earth.

How It Relates to My Life:

'Uncover YOU' Faith & Fitness Speech at Camphor United. Thank's for having me this past Thursday. Keep watching to see how I broke down my Beliefs which lead to my fitness journey in order for me to pour this knowledge unto other's. I'm just a vessel.

How It Relates to My Workouts:

Know Christ. Know Life

Thanks for reading & I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts / reflection on how this Verse directly impacts you currently or impacted you in the past. So, be sure to reply below !

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