'Weekly Word' September 15th- September 21st

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The Weekly Word includes 3 elements.

1. My ‘Why’ behind the Verse chosen 

2. How it relates to me personally throughout life in general and an exercising stand point. 

3. An option for YOU to reflect in the same way I do whether you want to speak on both life and exercise or life by itself. The choice is always yours!

The ‘Why’ behind this weeks Verse:

I know when you live life long enough you can come to crossroads that almost seem like a crisis when you get blinded by regret. Hopefully this can inspire you to keep moving forward because although the past happened , it's really about the "now" and embracing your now can help paint a clearer picture for your future.

How It Relates to My Life:

When I think Summer 2017 of my life , the first word that comes to mind is regret. Years prior to that I made the decision to leave college after one semester. When I initially did it , I was thinking "yeah I’m going to work my full time job at this bank all while working on building my business then I’ll resume college next semester". I made the decision not to resume because my time became so consumed with my business along with working the full time job that I honestly didn’t see the point in going back because I was building something I created that I knew no one could take away from me. Yet I still felt like I was in this overwhelming mental overload of not balancing my life with “the college experience” everyone was talking about and I started scrolling on Instagram heavily. I  spent my time operating my business , studying the human body, learning about finance and working my full time job then going on Instagram being unsure of myself as I scrolled on my timeline seeing my peers and others celebrating how they made it through college and graduated. That’s when the regret along with hearing other corporate coworker's opinions turned to me questioning myself. I was going back and forth with myself on whether I made the right decision by leaving college to pursue my dream at such a young age. As I prayed for guidance, grew spiritually and became more woke on life I then hit a switch in my life that I never looked back on. I need you to hear me out on this...It’s not a college degree that holds value it’s the INDIVIDUAL who is valuable. You have to value yourself , all a degree or business ownership shows is that if YOU make up YOUR mind to commit to something YOU can make it happen. Every move in your life has to be toward what you personally desire and I’m not knocking a path anyone decides to take , I’m just reflecting on my truth to be a helping hand for anyone who may feel stagnant at this point with their life choices no matter what age or phase you are currently at. I mean really think about it if a college degree itself , as an item is valuable then go ahead and sell it on amazon for a fraction of the price you paid for it and see who buys it. Listen , that also goes for us business owners who get documentation called “articles of incorporation” by the state we operate in and then we can officially say we are “leaders & owners” but that doesn’t mean anything if YOU , YOURSELF don’t show to have a valuable work ethic and be of value toward those you wish to patronize your business. All I’m saying is this, your life at some point has to make sense toward what you’re trying to accomplish. If you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish yet , I advise you to pray & spend every ounce of time you have outside of what currently occupies you to figure it out. Once I realized that success is self-defined and I knew I wanted to be a business owner , I then knew for me personally college was a very unnecessary step to success from an investment standpoint and also from a standpoint of time. Put your faith in God & your vision, not theory of man and people around you. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well. Stay focused & God Bless.

How It Relates to My Workouts:

Man I love push ups right but they get supperrr tough, especially when you do those other variations such as diamond hands , military push ups and those foot incline push ups. Trust and believe I cry out to God (on the inside) when getting through the trouble those reps present for me lol 

Thanks for reading & I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts / reflection on how this Verse directly impacts you currently or impacted you in the past. So, be sure to reply below !

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